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Halo 4 seven minute live-action trailer teased

The live-action Halo 4 launch trailer debuted last week with a flashback of Master Chief's life as he is confronted by a mysterious Promethean enemy. The David Fincher produced trailer is already getting cut down to minute-long bites for commercials but a potentially longer trailer could be coming according to an update on the Australian Xbox Facebook page spotted Sunday.

According to the Aussie Xbox Facebook page, a "7 minute live action trailer for Halo 4" is "coming soon."

While the Halo 4 "Scanned" trailer did give us a proper glimpse at what the Halo universe may look like, it also felt somewhat limited in scope due to the two-minute constraint. What could Fincher and director Tim Miller have in store with an additional five minutes of footage?

Seven minutes moves away from the typical trailer definition and more towards a short film. Would we see more of Master Chief's past from the Halo: Fall of Reach novel or something more from the Halo 4 setting?

The launch trailer for Halo 4 debuted on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday night bringing the Master Chief to the realm of live-action and a look at his origins.

Here is the official description of the trailer from Microsoft and 343 Industries.

Titled “Scanned,” the trailer is an action-packed cinematic production that offers a captivating look at the backstory of Master Chief, and provides a glimpse of the new threat he will encounter in “Halo 4.” Filmed in Prague, “Scanned” continues the franchise’s tradition of expanding the universe through award-winning live-action stories, adding to the lore and anticipation for the next chapter in the landmark franchise that has sold more than 43 million game copies worldwide and generated more than $3 billion in franchise sales.

Those familiar with the Halo: Fall of Reach novel will immediately recognize the backstory elements as well as some of the other Spartans shown. There's also a reference to the Karen Travis novels Halo: Glasslands and Halo: The Thursday War for those that have read them.

The trailer was produced by David Fincher who directed “Fight Club,” “The Social Network” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" with “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” and “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” visual effect lead Tim Miller taking a shot at the directorial duties.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to direct the ‘Halo 4’ launch trailer in creative partnership with 343 Industries and David Fincher,” said Miller, who also collaborated with Fincher to create the title sequence for the Academy award-winning 2011 film, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” “‘Halo is one of the most iconic sci-fi universes, with a depth that allows for amazingly cinematic and emotionally riveting stories. The chance to tell a story that explores never-before-seen facets of Master Chief’s journey is an honor. Our goal is to deliver a blockbuster, Hollywood-quality trailer that raises the bar for the award-winning legacy of live-action ‘Halo’ storytelling and gets fans stoked for the return of Master Chief.”


Halo 4 Leaks 3 Weeks Before Games Release

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Unfortunately for Halo fans and the enormous community that goes with it have to worry about spoilers when they visit Waypoint for the next three weeks because of, well, other Halo fans. It seems that production copies of Halo 4 have made the rounds and fans on Waypoint have been getting PM’d with key story spoilers from the game. Videos posted on YouTube have been posted and promptly pulled down, and torrent sites have pirated copies available.

A spokesperson for Microsoft told Game Informer, “We have seen the reports of Halo 4 content being propped on the Web and are working closely with our security teams and law enforcement to address the situation,” but declined to confirm whether or not the game had leaked when asked directly.

And Josh Holmes, creative director of Halo 4, had this to say about possible spoilers:

“I’ve worked for over 3 years making Halo 4,” Holmes tweeted. “Please avoid spoilers and leaks from thieves for 3 more weeks until the game is out. Thank you.”

Courtesy of The Escapist came this update on Halo Waypoint:

Halo 4 launches in less than 25 days. The good news is that you are that much closer to having the game in your hands. The bad news is that as discs are being made and distributed, you may start to see leaks. The internet is an awesome place… until it’s no longer an awesome place.

We are working closely with our security teams and law enforcement to address the situation. Piracy is illegal and we are taking vigorous action against it. We have poured our blood, sweat, and tears into Halo 4, and we want you to have the best possible experience with our game, come November 6. If you’re interested in staying spoiler-free, we encourage you to exercise caution when visiting various websites, social networking services, and forums.”

Without saying, “Hey this game leaked” explicitly, it seems pretty clear that it has and Microsoft and 343 are understandably unhappy about it. So tread lightly on those Halo forums and blogs Commander Chief fans.

Editors Note: If you do happen to get your hands on Halo 4 before its release, we strongly advise you not to play it. Doing so will get your Xbox 360 and your Xbox Live account permanently banned. Microsoft is not taking this situation lightly and they are looking to prosecute whomever is responsible for this leak. Player beware.


Halo 4 Reportedly Leaked, Ready To Free Download?

Halo 4 has been leaked weeks ahead of its November 6 release, according to multiple online sources. Images of discs and photos of Xbox dashboards displaying the game name have been posted online. While their validity can be easy debated, the claims are further supported by numerous Xbox Live profiles which have been spotted on the official Xbox site listing Halo 4 as the game currently being played.

Examiner also reports that multiple gameplay videos were posted on YouTube Thursday night, and there are claims of profiles associated with playing Halo 4 being banned for "illegitimate prerelease title play".

While it's unclear if official discs have been sold early or if a pre-release review disc has found its way online, Microsoft has told Examiner that it's investigating the reported leaks.

"We have seen the reports of Halo 4 content being propped on the Web and are working closely with our security teams and law enforcement to address the situation," said a Microsoft spokesperson.

This is bad news for 343 Industries considering the game's official release is still more than three weeks away. Unfortunately, the Halo series is no stranger to leaks; both Halo 2 and Halo 3 made their way onto the 'net before they hit shelves, as did Halo 3: ODST and Halo Reach.


Halo 4 Preview Event Recap, by Community Customs

Halo 4 Preview Event Recap: Nomis78, one of the Community Customs staff members, managed to win himself an invite to the first UK hands-on event with Halo 4. In this article, he details his thoughts on everything from the gameplay to the GUI and the weapons to the visuals. If you're itching for more information on Halo 4 from fellow gamers and not just the press, then give this a read.
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